Monaco 1930s. Two mis-matched competitors duel for the finish and the chequered flag but a pitstop event changes the outcome.

Directed, Animated and Edited by James Hazael

Music and Sound by Andrew Gosden

Thanks to
Frank Gascki, Jane Harty, Elle Reid, Ian Lacey and everyone who help and supported me along the way.


I drew  a great deal of my inspiration for this project from the artwork of Geo Ham who painted the early posters for the races at Monaco. His use of colour and his style of painting heavily influenced the final look of my animation. 

Concept Art

The Cars

The Cars.png

The red car is based on the Auto Union Type C. The Type C was developed and  built between  1933 and 1939.

The car had terrible handling due to its stiff chassis and suspension and tended to oversteer, but it's colossal power and acceleration made up for what it lacked in the corners. With 513 HP behind it the Type C could wheelspin at 160kph and top out at 340 kph.  


The blue car is loosely based off the Bugatti Type 35 which was built 1924. 

The Type 35 was Bugatti's most successful race car, winning over 1000 races when it was at it's peak. It featured alloy wheels which were a novelty at the time, as was the hollow front axle which reduced weight.  


The Race

I based the race on the Monaco Grand Prix. It was first organised in 1929 by Antony Noghès and is considered to be one of the most prestigious car races of all time. 

I tried to recreate the 1930s course as accurately as possible by researching historical photos and videos from the time.  

Thanks for Watching